As part of the exhibition “Our garden needs its flowers. Fluxos i narratives artístiques al Districte Cultural de L’Hospitalet” the projects resulting from UNDERSTANDING IN RESIDENCE will be presented, on Thursday June 17 2021.


Helena Bosch Vidal and Oriol Arnedo , the profiles selected to develop a residence in November 2020, will present their projects.


From 12h to 14.30h – Pati de Tecla Sala – L’Hospitalet
Solar Synth musical live installation Nº 1, by Oriol Arnedo


Solar Synth No. 1 is an artifact that generates sound and electronic music autonomously with the collaboration of the Sun, the star located in the center of the Solar System and the main source for life on planet Earth. Through its mechanism, the device transforms solar energy into ephemeral electronic sounds, persisting in their repetition, overlap and modification depending on changing weather conditions. In a context where the relationship between humanity and nature is significantly complex, the artifact seeks through sound to explore new ways of relating to the environment and show new perspectives on the reality around us.


From 17h to 19.30h  – Pati de Tecla Sala – L’Hospitalet
Tour and presentation of the publication «Still bodies after ten», by Helena Bosch Vidal

Still bodies after ten is a research project that analyzes and questions the construction of female images and identities. It proposes a critical historical review, as well as a quest to generate new iconographies of our- selves.

The project is divided into short-term periods of research, self-standing episodes, which focus on one specific time-space frame. The final aim of this long-term project is to identify the elements that define how women are and have been depicted in images.

In the frame of Understanding in Residence, I realized the second episode of A Body of her own: Still bodies after ten. With this episode, I propose a persistent representation of myself in order to examine representations of female bodies as artworks in the public space of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. In those experimentations, I use my body as a vehicle to navigate and to generate languages, and as an interface to embody and question the history of female iconography.

Still bodies explores the creative and cultural activity of l’Hospitalet del Llobregat. The presentation will consist of a walk through the different sculptures of the city that represent female bodies, the idea is to use walking as a way to think through things, a method to guide the participants through the intellectual and physical terrain of the project. The collective walk will finish in Tecla Sala, the cultural space that hosts the exhibition and one of the sculptures that the project analyzed.