Understanding Design, with the collaboration of L’Hospitalet City Council and the Cultural District of L’H, propose Understanding in residence: a creative residence that invites a total of 2 profiles to locate themselves and cohabit the District itself for a month.
The aim of this residence is to develop a project from start to finish, including conceptualisation, development and production.

At the end of the residence the resulting projects, together with a video showcase of the stay, will be a part of the activities within the exhibition Our Garden Needs Its Flowers, at the Art Centre Tecla Sala (L’Hospitalet), which will take place from November 2020 to June 2021.
The collaboration between the entities Understanding Design and the Cultural District of L’H is born from the aim to work hand in hand on the promotion of design culture among creatives and professionals from the field.

The main objective of the residence is to make european creatives a part of the industrial possibilities and the creative fabric that the Creative District of L’H offers. The aim is to create innovative content, resulting from the exchange between the participants and the local producers, and to generate a creative value for the Cultural District of L’H.


Timeline and key dates:

Deadline aplications: 22.09.20
Pre-selection announcement : 28.09.20
Dates of residence: 02.11 – 02.12.20
Number of residences: 2

About the residence:

– A workspace to develop the proposal for the project
– A cohabitation space (shared by the 2 residents)
– Budget for the production of the proposals (1.500€)
– Transportation for arrival and departure from their city of origin to L’Hospitalet (250€ maximum).
– List of possible providers (industrial and/or production centers) previously selected according to the needs of the project to develop.