On November 24th 2020 our exhibition “UNDERSTANDING L’HOSPITALET” won the ADI CULTURA PROJECT AWARD .


We want to thank the jury, the ADI FAD board and most of all, the designers that made the exhibition possible: DOES Work (Saúl Baeza), Èlia Bagó, Elsa Casanova, Ignacio Ezcurra, Juan Ezcurra, Cristian Herrera Dalmau, Max Milà, Josep Novell, Maria Pratts, Clara Romain, Lolo and Sosaku , Diego Tampanelli, Takk (Mireia Luzárraga and Alejandro Muiño) and Sara Torres. Also want to deeply thank l’Ajuntament de l’Hospitalet  for trusting us and believing that L’Hospitalet Creative District deserves a space during the Milan Design week.


The exhibition was organized in collaboration with L’Hospitalet City Council at the Instituto Cervantes in Milan.


ADI CULTURA PROJECT AWARD aims to promote public recognition of those projects, both in the field of design and culture, that help to promote and update the social and conceptual product design, or serve to encourage dialogue, ideas and discipline activity.

Evaluation of the jury: «For being a solid and intrepid proposal that starts from a peripheral context and lands in the middle of the epicenter of Milan Design week, to showcase creations designed and produced in L’Hospitalet, especially for the occasion.

The project puts on the map an emerging city, key in the local industrial and creative framework, but constantly eclipsed by Barcelona. The jury also highlighted the intention to value a type of design that intersects with art, and creative and research processes that are mainly experimental. In short, for the healthy ambition to go beyond what is established. «

The exhibition was curated by Diego Ramos and Saul Baeza
Graphic design by Raquel Quevedo
Exhibition space designed by Diego Ramos
Exhibiton managed and produced by Tai Sans