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Exhibition, Barcelona, 2017

W.I.P (Work In Progress) brings together a collection of previously unseen pieces signed by 15 national creators in the same space, under the umbrella DEMO; from students and recent graduates to internationally renowned designers, new creators and young professionals. What creations can be ontemplated? Unique pieces, prototypes, experiments, products finished, unfinished, in process or in constant research.

The exhibition, curated by Diego Ramos and Saúl Baeza, presents work by Antoni Arola, Curro Claret, Ignacio Ezcurra and Juan Ezcurra, Martí Guixé, Cristian Herrera, MAIO, Xavier Mañosa, Anna Masclans, Maria Roy and Tatiana Melo, Julen Ussia, Jorge Penadés, Raquel Quevedo, Guillermo Santomà, Goula/Figuera Studio and DADA Studio.

Exhibition design by Diego Ramos Studio.

The WIP opening took place on 18 May at 20:00 in the DADA Gallery – Objet Trouvé, a gallery specializing in 20th-century contemporary art and design, where you could find great icons, such as stools by Max Bill, Marcel Breuer and Alvar Aalto, and even work by Jean Prouvé and Joan Miró.

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