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New Realities Exhibition

Exhibiiton, Barcelona, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2018

New Realities exhibition was one of the main activities of the festival. The exhibition’s proposal was a multidisciplinary review through 13 pieces of national and international creators, with the intention of answering possible questions and exploring new realities.

Is designing a physical or a virtual act? Is photography the virtual medium of the object? Is light an analog or a digital expression? Through the image, does the object become representation? Does the machine understand the material better than the hand? Can matter be digital? Do we consume more analog design than virtual? What is analog, what is digital? What is physical, what is virtual?

New Realities was held with the participation of Studio ilio, Roos Meerman, Laureline Galliot, Dom Sebastian, Jochen Holz, Line-us, Silo Studio, Formabesta, Jordi Canudas, Lucas Muñoz, Sara de Ubieta, Raquel Quevedo, TAKK.