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Understanding L’Hospitalet

Exhibition, Milan, 2019

L’Hospitalet Cultural District is a strategic project of a city that has culture as a driving force for transformation and for social and economic growth, to turn L’Hospitalet into a leading city in the metropolitan area. Creativity, talent and innovation are the protagonists. A betso that the cultural and creative sectors energize the city and improve people’s quality of life. It is a space open to all, in constant transformation, where creators, entrepreneurs, artists and citizens work and live, and with great potential for its location in the metropolitan area.

In the Cultural District you can find studios of artists and creatives, spaces for rehearsal and live music, art galleries, audiovisual production places, design, architecture and advertising studios, fashion and jewelry design workshops, etc. Most of them are installed in unused industrial spaces and old neighborhood workshops and cover different phases of the cultural production chain: training, creation, production, broadcasting and distribution. Currently, we have more than 500 agents, which add up to the more than 30 facilities of the city, to the almost 60 festivals that take place (many of them metropolitan), apart from the places of interest of the city, the spaces of catering and creative cuisine, or local cultural associations.