Type, Location, Year

Understanding DEMO

Festival, Barcelona, 2017

DEMO, Understanding Design; is a cycle of activities structured around the experimental, the multidisciplinary, the collaboration between the industrial and the artisan, the open, the shared and the unknown, focusing on the field of product design. It will take place mainly in

Disseny Hub Barcelona, as well as in different schools of design in Barcelona and other spaces of the city between 15 and 21 May of 2017

Within the framework of these activities and over the course of seven days, DEMO develops a program of conferences, symposia, workshops, performances, exhibitions and product presentations by professionals both national and international, offering the possibility to experiment with and debate new paths, approaches and technologies involved in the creative process. More than 25 designers, 8 conferences, 1 workshop and 4 installations.

With a great pedagogical vocation, the objective of these activities is to share and investigate different typologies of creation and production, so that both the general public as well professionals can learn new approaches and incorporate these tools in their daily life or In the development of their projects.

This is the third edition of DEMO, festival of design and innovation, organized by ADI-FAD, the Industrial Design for Development of Decorative Arts Association. This cycle of activities is curated by the designers Diego Ramos and Saúl Baeza , with the collaboration of Flavia Barragan.