Type, Location, Year

Rastro – Projecte Rastro + Escola Massana

Installation, Barcelona, 2017

Under the framework of DEMO activities, Escola Massana offers an installation/performance by Gennís Senén, Ibai Velilla and Julen Ussia.

“In his work, the artisan becomes one with the piece. His body forms an inseparable continuity with the material. When you use a tool, you must also become one with it, become a tool-man in order to be a man-tool-piece.”

‘Rastro’ is a digital lathe that uses a molded artisan’s finger to reproduce its movements and modify a clay cylinder. The aim of the artisan is to master his craft with such excellence that the object of his mastery is perfect. Although ‘Rastro’ exactly repeats the movements of the craftsman, the result of is action always contains variations. The ultimate aim of the craftsman is counter to his idiosyncrasy: against his will he makes inevitably unique and distinct objects. But objects produced by a machine may contain variables: matter is unstable, changing conditions, reality is subject to chance.